Who We Are and What We Do

Due to the increase in demand for personal protective equipment and the decrease in supply we started PPE NOW to get protective equipment to essential workers.  There are numerous instances of COVID-19 spreading through healthcare facilities, personal care homes, correctional facilities and other establishments due to a lack of PPE.  There are also plenty of people who have access to extra PPE items or have the ability and time to make them. Knowing this, we created a way to bring the two parties together.

We are not asking for monetary donations.  We are just asking those with extra PPE to get it to the essential workers who need it. This includes doctors and nurses (but also janitorial staff and other essential employees at healthcare facilities), staff at personal care homes, first responders, and grocery store employees. ​

By donating your extra PPE or creating basic equipment in your home, you can really make in difference in keeping COVID-19 from spreading and protecting workers that are essential to keeping all of us safe. 


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